Where is my classroom and who are my lecturers?

You will find your classrooms and your respective lecturers in your class timetable. Your timetables will be emailed to you during the Orientation week, and can also be found in the NAFA iLearn (Canvas) Music ePortal.  

Do I need a laptop for my studies at SOM? Can I borrow one if I do not have one?

Yes, you will need one. We highly recommend that you bring one with you. You may apply for the student notebook subsidy scheme from Office of Student Care if you are unable to finance your laptop purchase. This is applicable only for Singapore citizens or PRs, and other conditions may apply.

Are there any textbooks that I will need to purchase?

You will be required to purchase textbooks for your musicianship, aural, sight-singing, and music history classes. You can purchase the books during the orientation week.

Are there co-curricular activities (CCAs), community work and competitions at NAFA? And how can I participate in them?

Students are highly encouraged to participate in CCAs, Community work and Competitions as these will help you in developing an all-rounded School experience and will also increase your networking and exposure to various industries and experiences. All of these activities outside of your curriculum can be logged into the school system, and a letter will be churned out at the end of your studies at NAFA.

Are there examinations, projects or group work at NAFA?

Projects are commonplace in your journey here at NAFA, where you work on a task for a few weeks, and submit it for assessment later. Group work is also common as they not only encourage collaborative learning, but also simulate how the industry functions.

Is there a dress code at SOM?

Yes, there is, and you are expected to closely follow the dress code and footwear. You may be refused entry to classrooms if you are not dressed appropriately.

What are the classes I have to attend this semester?

Please refer to the Programme Modules page.

Can I transfer course after I have joined NAFA?

Yes, you can, and you are only allowed to transfer between courses within SOM at the end of Year 1 Semester 1. Approvals are subjected to available vacancies, and upon approval by Associate Dean (SOM) and Dean (FOPA).