General Policy

Students are required to attend all classes, rehearsals, performances, meetings and other activities identified within the syllabus. Please refer to the Diploma Programme Handbook for the Academy’s policy on attendance, debarment and deduction of marks.  If in doubt, please get in touch with your Head of Study.

  • There will be no grace period for “lateness”.
  • Attendance will be taken at beginning of each class, and any student not present at that point of time will be deemed as absent.
  • A student is also deemed to be absent from a class if he/she leaves the class early without the approval of the lecturer.
  • A student who is late with valid reasons (e.g. MRT breakdown), but has already been marked “absent” by the lecturer, can have his/her class attendance rectified by completing and submitting an appeal form along with supporting documents to the module lecturer.
  • Frequent lateness (and therefore classified as frequent “absence”) will result in mark deduction penalty (from student’s overall score attained for the module).
  • Should a student miss classes (because the student has been nominated by NAFA or their Schools to participate in internal or external events such as performances, exhibitions or competitions), they must apply for Special Leave, or else they will be marked as “absent”.
  • Applications for Special Leave (including reasons due to extenuating circumstances or compassionate grounds) are to be submitted to the Associate Dean for consideration.

Principal Study (PS)

For Principal Study, there are three components which you are required to attend:

  • Individual PS lessons
  • Performance Class or Studio Classes (as directed)
  • Concert Attendance (Music Platform on Mondays at 5.15pm, as well as any other evening concerts as directed by your Head of Study)

The attendance requirement will apply to each of these areas, and marks may be deducted for any shortfall.  

Tutorial/Practice Week

The eighth week of each term is designated as a Tutorial/Practice Week.  Additional classes, rehearsals, performances and occasionally examinations/assessments are often scheduled to take place during this period.  This is not a vacation period.  Permission should be sought in advance should you wish to take leave during this week for any reason.

External Engagements and/or Part-time Work

In addition to the increasing range of performance opportunities at NAFA, you are encouraged to participate in music making in the Singapore community (both professional and non-professional). However, external commitments, whether teaching, performing or non-music activities should be kept within reasonable limits and should not conflict with the aims of your Principal Study teacher, who is generally responsible for your musical training during your time at NAFA.

Approval should be sought for all external performances, whether or not this work clashes with course commitments. Students may not undertake any work which conflicts with scheduled (regular or project) course work, rehearsals or performances without prior approval.

A record of your teaching and performance experience is very useful for your professional development and should be kept updated at regular and suitable intervals.

Students may be required to reduce or discontinue any external commitments if their coursework or attendance is not maintained at a satisfactory level.