Instrument Loan

Western and Chinese instruments are available for loan for students’ use in the semester, as assigned and approved by your Head of Study and / or Artistic Director. This would depend on the repertoire of the ensemble at any point in time.

Upon notification by the Head of Study and / or Artistic Director on the assignment and approval of instrument loan, instrumentalists should email the respective Executive Officers to book an appointment for the loan of instruments:

Strings, Woodwinds and Brass: <to be confirmed>
Chinese Instruments: <to be confirmed>
Percussion, Harp, Guitar, and Keyboards (for pianists): <to be confirmed>

Student Locker Rental

Lockers for your books and personal effects are available for student use throughout the campus. They are allocated on a first come, first served basis. You will be asked to pay a deposit, which will secure the locker for the academic year.

The yearly rental cost (before GST) is as follows:

  • Medium locker: S$35
  • Big locker: S$55
  • Padlock: S$9

Charges for first time rental include cost of padlock. This padlock is to be used on the lockers for subsequent renewals.

You can apply for a new locker or renewal of rental online at where payment can be made using eNets, credit or debit cards. Click here for online registration instruction.

You may also enquire for locker rental or pick up an application form at the Office of Student Care (OSC) during office hours, Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm.

Rental agreement is renewable annually upon receiving payment for another year. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the locker company before 30 June for the following services:

  • Renewal of Rental Contract
  • Discontinue Rental
  • Change Locker

When you discontinue a rental contract, students are responsible to remove all belongings from the lockers. OSC reserves the right to clean out the lockers and dispose all items removed so others can use the lockers.

For technical support and payment matters, please contact Kaichi Spacemaster Pte Ltd:

Ms. Molly
Tel: 6828 2868

For feedback and assistance please contact Office of Student Care through email ( or call 6512 6140 during office hours, Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm.

Storage Cabinets for Musical Instruments

Storage cabinets for musical instruments are available and are provided to you if you place a deposit (refundable). Instrumentalists should contact the following staff to be allocated a cabinet:

Strings: <to be confirmed>
Woodwind & Brass: <to be confirmed>
Chinese Instruments: <to be confirmed>

The use of Music Studios for storage of personal items or instruments is not allowed and any items found in the studios will be removed.

NAFA does not accept responsibility for the safety of students’ instruments within (or outside) of the Academy. It is your responsibility to ensure your instrument is suitably insured.