Orientation Checklist

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Programme Modules

Find out more about the modules you would be taking as a first year Diploma student.

Timetable & Academic Calendar

The Academic Year 2021/2022 Semester 1 timetable, along with the Academic Calendar, may be found here.

Attendance Policy

Find out more about the Attendance Policy you are expected to adhere to as a full-time Music student.

Online Classes & Tools

Details on the platforms in which online classes are conducted, as well as technical requirements and classroom etiquette, may be found here.

Studio Booking

Policies on booking of studios for Music students may be found here.

Instruments & Equipment

Information of loan of instruments, student lockers and instrument storage cabinets may be found here.

Safe Management Measures (COVID-19)

Please be familiar with the Safe Management Measures COVID-19 here.