Personal & Academic Support

Our lecturers are here to assist and advise you.  If you are experiencing any problems (for example, you may find that you are having difficulty with an aspect of your course work), please seek out advice at an early stage. 

Feedback on your performance in individual modules will normally be given through your Head of Study or Year Tutor – this includes end-of-semester performance exam marks and comment sheets.

You should also approach your Head of Study or visit the Office of Student Care for any aspect of pastoral care.  The principal purpose of the student pastoral service is to facilitate the monitoring of the students’ general well-being; to be alerted to any problems, which may cause concern to the student or affect academic progress; and to provide an accessible reference point for student pastoral care and support. Remember that problems are more easily solved if tackled early.

Also, keep your Head of Study up to date with your plans for employment or further study after NAFA, and make sure that they know the full range of musical and other activities that you are engaged in. Heads of Study may be contacted to write references for you, and can often provide advice and insight based on their own musical and academic careers.

Please remember that any member of staff may be approached at any time; but will recommend you to the appropriate person if it is a matter that they cannot resolve for you.

Questions and Problems

As a general rule, you can follow these lines of enquiry in order to find solutions to queries or problems that arise:

(i) first step(ii) if not resolved(iii) finally
1:1 lessonsPrincipal Study TeacherHead of Study or CoordinatorAssociate Dean or Dean
Classes/lecturesLecturerDeputy Associate Dean of SchoolAssociate Dean or Dean
Ensemble activitiesIndividual coachExecutive Officer
OR Chamber Music Coordinator
Associate Dean or Dean
General mattersExecutive Officer(s) or Assistant Manager (Music)

Requesting a Reference

References will usually be provided within ten working days of your initial request. Please ensure that this request is made in good time as your referee needs time to complete this task for you. 

  • If you need to obtain an instrumental reference, please see your Principal Study Teacher or your Head of Study.
  • If you need an academic reference, please see your Year Tutor.
  • If your reference needs to be signed by the Associate Dean of School, you should submit it to an Executive Officer, who will pass it on to the Associate Dean of School for her signature.
  • If you need a transcript, or confirmation that you are a student (for example, for National Service deferment etc.), please see the Office of Student Affairs.

Financial Aid

For information on financial aid, please refer to the links below:

IT / iLearn@NAFA

For assistance with IT or iLearn@NAFA matters, please email

Operating Hours:

During School Term: 9.00am to 7.30pm, Mondays to Fridays (excluding Public Holidays)

During Vacation: 9.00am to 6.00pm, Mondays to Fridays (excluding Public Holidays)

For issues with iLearn@NAFA (except login or enrolments), the 24-hour Student Online Helpdesk is 800 492 2378. Alternatively, you may also email


Visit the online site of the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple Library here. For enquiries, please email