Practice Rooms

The School of Music practice rooms (small rooms) are equipped with upright pianos. All students are required to use their access card for entry into the practice rooms. Entry will be recorded and monitored by the Estates Office. All practice rooms are equipped with CCTVs for security purpose.

Classrooms, Chamber Ensemble Room, Music Keyboard Lab, Single and Double Piano Rooms

Classrooms, Chamber Ensemble Room (C3-05-12), and Single and Double Piano Rooms are equipped with grand pianos. The Keyboard Lab (C3-06-01) is equipped with music keyboards. The classrooms are also equipped with chairs, tables, computer and sound system. These rooms are used for academic lessons, instrumental lessons, and chamber rehearsals. All students are required to use their access card for entry into these rooms for their lessons. Entry will be recorded and monitored by the Estates Office. These rooms are equipped with CCTVs for security purpose.

Booking of Practice Rooms: SEMESTER Booking

All practice rooms are available for booking from 8.00am – 11.00pm daily. In the event where the school is closed on Public Holidays, students will be informed via email.

Booking of practice rooms will be made at the start of the semester. Students are allowed to book a maximum of 2 hours practice slots per day. Students are to check their timetable and make the booking accordingly.

The Music Officer will inform the students via email on the date and time for semester bookings. The semester booking process begins with the senior years to the junior years, i.e. BMus 4, BMus 3, Year 3, Year 2, Year 1, and lastly Foundation Course. Within each year, the booking process is based on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Semester booking is not compulsory.

After the semester booking process has been done, students who have made their bookings of the practice rooms will have the same practice slot and same room for the entire semester.

Booking of Classrooms, Chamber Ensemble Room, Keyboard Lab, Double Piano Rooms: AD-HOC booking

Classrooms, Chamber Ensemble Room, Keyboard Lab, and Double Piano Rooms are also available for booking. However, they are subject to availability because these rooms are used mainly for academic, Principal Study and other lessons. Booking of these rooms are considered ad-hoc as the booking is only one-time and does not last for the whole semester.

Booking requests can be made via email to Mr Jax Ang (, between 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Ad-hoc booking is restricted to a maximum of 1 hour per day per student.

Lessons are given priority. In the event where these rooms are needed for lessons, bookings made by students will be cancelled. Students will be informed via email.

Rules & Regulations

Failure to turn up for the booking within 10 minutes of the scheduled time, the room will be assumed empty and become available for use by another student.

Students are not allowed to teach private lessons on campus.

Students are not allowed to bring in non-NAFA personnel for practice or ensemble rehearsals. In the event where such personnel are required for rehearsals, students must seek approval from the Head of Studies, Vice Dean or Dean, to arrange for the necessary security clearance.

The consumption of food and sweet drinks is strictly prohibited in all rooms. Students are allowed bottled drinking water in the rooms but the bottle must not be placed on top of the piano.

Students caught violating any of the above will be dealt with disciplinarily.

If you discover the room to be untidy or any equipment damaged, you should immediately report this to the Music Office (or to the security guard if the Music Office is not open) or send in a feedback through iLearn NAFA School of Music ePortal – Student Feedback.

The last person to use the room each day may be held responsible for the condition of the room.  Therefore it is in your best interest to report any misuse of the facilities, or you may find yourself responsible for the state of the room.

Safe Management Measures (COVID-19)

Practice Rooms

All practice rooms are restricted to ONE STUDENT per room. Students are not allowed to gather in the practice rooms. Students are not allowed to mingle along the corridors. Social distancing must be observed along the corridors.

Classrooms, Chamber Ensemble Room, Music Keyboard Lab

Tables and chairs are marked and arranged with a distance from each other in all classrooms. Students are not allowed to move the table and chairs during the lesson. Social distancing must be observed.

In the event of chamber rehearsals in the classrooms, the tables and chairs can be moved aside for the rehearsals. Students are to sit 1-metre apart during the chamber rehearsal. After the rehearsal, students are to move the tables and chairs back to their marked positions. Students having rehearsals in the Chamber Ensemble Room must also observe the 1-metre rule. The music keyboards in the Keyboard Lab have been arranged with a distance between each other. Students would need to take note of the cleaning of keyboards.

Pianos, Music Keyboards

Disinfectant wipes are provided in all rooms with pianos and music keyboards. Students are to wipe the piano keys and keyboards before and after the practice. Students should dispose the used disinfectant wipes into the rubbish bins provided along the corridors. Do keep the room clean for others.

Classroom Tables

Disinfectant sprays and cloths are provided in all classrooms. Students are to clean the tables before and after the lesson. Disinfectant sprays and cloths should be returned to their original place after use. The cloths will be washed and cleaned periodically.


Masks are to be worn at all time during the practice in practice rooms. Voice and Winds students can remove their mask during their practice. Voice and Winds students must not practice with other students in a room.

Wind instrumentalists

Wind instrumentalists must clean the condensation from the floor after the practice. These students are to have their own cloths to clean the floor.