Resource Code and Room Categories

The rooms in NAFA follow a specific resource code Ca-bb-cc.
Ca – Campus #
bb – Level ##
cc – Room ##

Campus 1, Level 2, Room 13 = C1-02-13
Campus 3, Level 6, Room 04 = C3-06-04

The School of Music rooms fall under the following categories:

  • Practice Room (Upright / Grand Piano)
  • Classroom
  • Chamber Ensemble Room
  • Keyboard Lab
  • Double Piano Room
  • Other Rooms
  • Halls

All students are required to use their access card for entry into the practice rooms. Entry will be recorded and monitored by the Estates Office. All practice rooms are equipped with CCTVs for security purpose.

Practice Room (with Upright / Grand Piano)

The School of Music practice rooms (small rooms) are equipped with upright pianos, suitable for individual practice. These practice rooms include:

C1-02-13Single Grand Piano
C1-02-15Single Grand Piano
C3-03-07Single Grand Piano
C3-06-04 to C3-06-20Upright Piano
C3-06-24 to C3-06-26Upright Piano
C3-06-28 and C3-06-292 x Upright Pianos

Music Booth (Practice Pod) (No piano)

The School of Music music booths (practice pods) are not equipped with pianos. These include:

C3-05-12-MB1Music Booth (Practice Pod)
C3-05-12-MB2Music Booth (Practice Pod)
C3-05-12-MB3Music Booth (Practice Pod)
C3-05-12-MB4Music Booth (Practice Pod)

Classrooms, Chamber Ensemble Room, Music Keyboard Lab, Double Piano Rooms, Halls

Classrooms, Chamber Ensemble Room (C3-05-12), and Double Piano Rooms are equipped with grand pianos. The Keyboard Lab (C3-06-01) is equipped with music keyboards. The classrooms are also equipped with chairs, tables, computer and sound system. These rooms are used for academic lessons, instrumental lessons, and chamber rehearsals.

  • Classroom
    • C3-06-21A (Single Grand Piano)
    • C3-06-22A (Single Grand Piano)
    • C3-06-23 (Single Grand Piano)
    • C3-06-27 (Single Grand Piano, 2 Upright Pianos, 4-5 Music Keyboards)

  • Keyboard Lab: C3-06-01 (10 Music Keyboards)

  • Double Piano Rooms
    • C1-02-16
    • C1-02-17
    • C3-04-01
    • C3-05-09
    • C3-06-21
    • C3-06-22
    • C3-06-32

  • Halls
    • C3-04-02 (Multi-Purpose Hall)
    • C3-05-02 (Recital Hall)

Methods of Booking

  1. Resource Booking System (RBS) – Practice Rooms
    • Students can access RBS via Studentnet. Students can log in to RBS using their NAFA email and password.
    • Students are to use RBS for booking Practice Rooms.
  1. Email – Classroom
    • Students looking for a bigger room for practice or rehearsal, can write to Mr Jax Ang ( for their request, subject to availability.

All practice rooms are available for booking from 8.00am – 11.00pm daily. Students will be informed via email when the school is closed on Public Holidays.

Rules & Regulations

General guidelines

  1. Lessons are given priority. In the event that these rooms are needed for lessons, bookings made by students will be cancelled. Students will be informed via email.
  2. Failure to turn up for the booking within 10 minutes of the scheduled time, the room will be assumed empty and become available for use by another student.
  3. Students are not allowed to teach private lessons on campus.
  4. Students are not allowed to bring in non-NAFA personnel for practice or ensemble rehearsals. In the event that such personnel are required for rehearsals, students must seek approval from the Head of Studies, and request for Accompanist Pass from Mr Jax Ang (
  5. The consumption of food and sweet drinks is strictly prohibited in all rooms. Students are allowed bottled drinking water in the rooms, but the bottle must not be placed on top of the piano.
  6. Students are not allowed to use the practice rooms to keep their instruments and personal belongings. The practice rooms are meant for instrumental practice, not as personal rooms to keep instruments and personal belongings.
  7. Students caught violating any of the above will be dealt with disciplinarily.
  8. If you discover the room to be untidy or any equipment damaged, you should immediately report this to the Music Office (or to the security guard if the Music Office is not open) or write to Mr Jax Ang (
  9. The last person to use the room each day may be held responsible for the condition of the room. Therefore, it is in your best interest to report any misuse of the facilities, or you may find yourself responsible for the state of the room.
  10. Students are not allowed to book rooms for instrumental lessons with their teachers. The teachers are to book the room through Mr Jax Ang. Students are only allowed to book room for instrumental lessons on behalf of their teachers if their teachers have difficulties writing emails. Such an arrangement must be discussed with Mr Jax Ang.
  11. Wind instrumentalists must clean the condensation from the floor after the practice. These students are to have their own cloth to clean the floor.

Advance Booking

Booking via RBS

  1. Students can book a practice room 30 mins in advance on the day itself via RBS.
  2. Student can also book practice rooms at most 3 days in advance via RBS.
    For example, you can request for room on Monday for Tuesday to Thursday.
  3. Request will be subject to room availability and approval.

Booking via email

  1. Students can send their request at least 24 hours in advance.
  2. Students can request for rooms up to the next 3 days.
    For example, you can send your email request on Monday for Tuesday to Thursday.
  3. Request will be subject to room availability and approval.

Practice Hours Allowed

  1. Minimum duration per slot: 1 hour
  2. Maximum duration per slot: 2 hours
  3. All Composition, Percussion, Harp, Double Bass students – no hours allocated
  4. All Vocal students – 2 hours/day
  5. All Keyboard, String, Winds, Chinese Instrumental Studies students:
    • Year 1, 2 – 2 hours/day
    • Year 3, BEd 3, BMus 3 – 3 hours/day
    • BEd 4, BMus 4, MPerf – 4 hours/day

Timings MUST be at the start of the hour

  • Allowed: 10am, 1pm, 4pm, etc.
  • Not allowed: 10.30am, 1.45pm, 4.20pm, etc.

Back to Back Timings / Bookings are NOT Allowed for the Same Room

  • Not allowed: Room C3-06-11 @ 10am – 12pm and 12pm – 1pm

Ensemble / Piano Accompaniment Rehearsal

  • Bookings for such rehearsals are capped at maximum of 2 hours.

Rooms available for booking via RBS:

Practice Rooms

Campus 1

  • C1-02-13
  • C1-02-15

Campus 3 Wing B

  • C3-03-07

Campus 3 Wing A

  • C3-06-04 to C3-06-20
  • C3-06-25, C3-06-26, C3-06-28, C6-03-29

Double Piano Rooms (for Piano Students ONLY)

Campus 1

  • C1-02-16 (Year 3 and BMus Piano Students ONLY)
  • C1-02-17

Campus 3 Wing A

  • C3-04-01
  • C3-05-09
  • C3-06-21
  • C3-06-22
  • C6-06-32

Rooms available for booking via email (subject to availability):

Classrooms: Campus 3 Wing A

  • C3-06-21A
  • C3-06-22A
  • C3-06-23
  • C3-06-27

Chamber Ensemble Room: Campus 3 Wing A, C3-05-12

Keyboard Lab: Campus 3 Wing A, C3-06-01

Cancellation of bookings

  • Students should cancel their bookings if they no longer need the rooms for practice or rehearsal.
  • Students who booked their rooms via RBS are to cancel their bookings on RBS at least 30 mins before the booking time. Students will not be able to cancel their bookings on RBS within less than 30 mins from their booking time.
  • Students who booked the classrooms, etc. through email are to cancel their booking through email in advance, ideally within 1-2 hours before their booking time.

Using RBS

Room booking – Basic functions

预定琴房 基本使用

Useful tips


Cancel booking


Booking report


Booking scenarios

  • Student A has just finished a class at 2pm on Monday and would like to book a practice room to practice.

Student A can login to RBS to find a practice room at 3pm onwards for practice. Since the rule states that the timing must be at the start of the hour, Student A is not allowed to book a practice room at 2.30pm. In future, Student A could try to plan his or her schedule earlier and book a room in advance for Monday, so that Student A will be able to have a practice room to practise right after the class ends at 2pm.

  • Student B has booked a practice room from 2pm to 3pm on Monday through RBS. However, at 1pm, Student B found out that she is unable to use the room at 2pm due to an urgent meeting with her lecturer. What should she do?

Student B should cancel the booking by going through the steps of cancelling a booking on RBS. Student B must cancel the booking at least 30 minutes in advance, that is, 1.30pm at the latest.

  • Student C needs a big room to have a string quartet rehearsal on Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm.

Student C would have to email Mr Jax Ang to request for a big room for the string quartet rehearsal. This email request should be sent at least one working day in advance during office hours, that is, on Tuesday between 9am to 6pm.

  • Student D would like to book practice room C1-02-13 on Thursday from 3pm to 4pm but was unable to find the room on RBS at that time slot.

Student D can check the availability of C1-02-13 by following the steps to check booking report on RBS. The booking report will show who has booked the room.