The NAFA Vocal Studies programme is designed to discover the potential in gifted young vocalists, enabling them to achieve a significantly higher level of professional and artistic development upon completion of the course. Through one-to-one Principal Study lessons, vocal coaching, staging, and performance projects, the curriculum enhances their knowledge and allows them to gain the practical experience necessary in their artistic path.

The vocal faculty establishes a central focus of students’ healthy and sustainable signing technique, language classes, movement and acting training, and opera scene performance. Extensive collaborations with both local and international leading artists and organizations result in regular masterclasses conducted by well-known artists such as Nicholas Sears, Vladimir Chernov, Janis Kelly, Justin Lavender, Patricia Bardon, Roderick Earle, Richard Stokes, and Robert Winter.

Apart from performances under the weekly Music Platform, Concert Series, and an annual opera production at the Lee Foundation Theatre, voice students also take on regular collaborations from other study areas as well as external performance opportunities, including those at or with the Esplanade and Singapore Lyric Opera. Faculty and students have also collaborated with international music institutions in Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China.

Alumni members of the NAFA Vocal Studies programme often successfully continue and complete their graduate studies from various internationally-acclaimed universities including our degree partner, the Royal College of Music; Manhattan School of Music; Indiana University Bloomington; and University of California, Los Angeles. Apart from actively performing with many well-known music organizations and institutions such as the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, The Philharmonic Orchestra Singapore and Singapore Lyric Opera, some have also established their own music companies for professional performance and education, such as the SPOT Pocket Opera Theatre.