The NAFA Percussion programme believes in knowing a tradition deeply and being able to connect that tradition in a meaningful and productive way. By advocating for a more united world through music, the programme affords students the skills and opportunities to study, create and thrive in a diverse yet interconnected learning environment.

The Percussion Studio is built around Western Percussion and Timpani traditions that act as the backbone for all learning in the studio. In conjunction with the rigorous classical programme, the programme also offers in-depth studies in South Indian Percussion, Malay Percussion, Afro-Cuban Percussion, Chinese Percussion and Drumset. Our faculty spans the globe, originating from Denmark, Switzerland, the USA, India, China, Cuba and Singapore.

Apart from one-to-one Principal Study lessons offered by all of the programme’s faculty members, the studio offers classes in percussion repertoire, timpani repertoire, percussion ensemble, South Indian as well as Malay percussion.

All in all, the NAFA Percussion programme fosters thoughtful and deeply focused teaching that gives students grounded fundamentals and a flexible skill set allowing them to thrive in a future of their own making.